Supporting Penis Health: A Men’s Underwear Guide

In clever surveys buried in women’s magazines, girls are prompted to ask their male counterparts if they wear boxers or briefs. It’s posed as an either/or question, and while that might make for a tantalizing survey, the truth is that most men have many different styles of underwear, including boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and jock straps. Choosing the right kind of underwear for the right occasion could help men to avoid some common penis health problems.

Dressing for Parenthood
Studies suggest that men who are hoping to conceive a child in the near future should wear boxer shorts most, if not all, of the time. Standard briefs or boxer briefs can cause the testicles to heat up, lowering sperm motility. Form-fitting underwear can also keep the penis from moving freely, and this could hinder erection strength. Boxers come in a variety of colorful patterns, and the silky texture of some boxers could provide some men with an added thrill throughout the day. Boxers can, however, bunch up when they’re worn underneath rough, wool pants. Men who wear boxers might need to be careful with their slacks selection to ensure that they don’t develop a lumpy, bumpy appearance.

Dressing for the Office
Boxer briefs are widely considered ideal fare for office life. They stay smooth and in place, keeping the profile pleasant throughout the day, and they provide protection and support for men who spend at least part of the day walking from cubicle to cubicle. Boxer briefs can also be quite stylish, providing men with a bit of confidence that they need to get through a stressful workday with ease.

Dressing for Sports
Physical activities like running, swimming and biking can quickly become painful if men wear underwear that doesn’t provide adequate support. Chafing injuries can occur when the tip of the penis rubs on rough fabrics or hems that hold fabrics together, and bouncing parts can leave men feeling sore and stretched at the end of an exercise session.

For sports that involve repeated movements, briefs are a must. They provide adequate support, and the structure of the garments ensures that there are no rough spots for rubbing. One word of caution: Briefs worn during exercise should wick moisture away from the body, keeping skin warm and dry. Cotton briefs can’t handle this task at all. Even cotton blends should be avoided.

Sports that involve the merest suggestion of physical contact require the use of jockstraps with cups. These sports include:
• Soccer
• Basketball
• Baseball
• Football
• Fencing

The plastic surface of the cup can keep a minor tap from becoming a serious injury, and can allow a man to perform well in the sport without feeling consistently fearful that a hit is coming.

Taking Care
Even when a man plans his wardrobe with care, there can be times when the unexpected takes place. The boss might ask the guys to play a quick game of horse, for example, or a quick bike ride to a friend’s house can turn into a 15-mile pleasure trek through the countryside. When this happens, it’s not uncommon for men to come home feeling sore and uncomfortable. Changing clothes and taking a quick scrub in the shower is a great first step. Sticky sweat can be washed away, and sore skin can be soothed when it is exposed to the air once more. When these steps aren’t enough, a penis health crème might also be helpful (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). The soothing emollients can help chafed, red and sore skin, and in time, the crème can also help men to develop skin that is more soft, supple and able to resist minor cuts and scrapes due to ill-fitting clothing.

Men’s Health Alert – Penile Rash, Bumps And Spots

Penile rash symptoms are understandably a cause for concern for most men. Even men who are not sexually active may develop spots, bumps and penis rash that may itch, flake, and spread to other parts of the genital area. Daily penis care with gentle cleansers and penis-specific vitamins and minerals may help to prevent minor skin rashes on the penis and soothe irritated skin. In addition, men should be aware of penis symptoms that may require medical attention.

Penis rash symptoms that all men should watch for
The following symptoms can be caused by a variety of different types of penile skin conditions. In most cases, these are minor, and the redness, swelling and rash can be resolved through good hygiene and nutrient support for the skin.

Symptom: Small bumps around the crown of the penis

Possible Causes:
• Penile Papules – This condition, which mainly affects uncircumcised men, presents as a series of small, dome-like bumps that may be flesh-colored or red. They are generally not painful and do not require any treatment beyond normal personal hygiene. Keeping the skin well-moisturized and supplying the area with antioxidants and skin care nutrients such as vitamin A can help to keep away bacteria and other microorganisms that may cause penis rash under the foreskin.

Symptom: Itchy, red penis rash that spreads and/or flakes

Possible Causes:
• Psoriasis – This skin reaction occurs on other parts of the body and may affect the penis skin, as well. Symptoms include red patches of skin and may be accompanied by inflammation. Flaking and itching may also occur, and peeling the skin that flakes away may cause slight bleeding. Vitamin A treatments are often recommended by dermatologists for treating all types of psoriasis.
• Contact dermatitis – Skin allergies and sensitivities to substances ranging from latex (found in condoms), detergents and deodorants, and poison ivy or poison oak can cause a rash on the penis. Avoiding materials known to cause skin reactions is the number one solution for avoiding contact dermatitis. To soothe itchy, reddened and inflamed skin, penis crèmes containing vitamins such as A, C, D and E are generally effective.
• Fungal infections – Fungal infections, including Candida yeast and the condition commonly known as “jock itch” are found nearly everywhere, especially in gym locker rooms and other areas that are warm, moist, and frequented by large numbers of people. These can cause redness, a spreading rash, and severe itching. Keeping the groin area clean and dry and treating the skin with healing vitamins C and D may help to prevent the development of fungal infections.

Symptom: Small, red bumps at the base of the penis

Possible Causes:
• Bacterial infections – As with fungal infections, the genital area is a prime breeding ground for bacteria that can cause skin infections that may be accompanied by rash and swelling. Vitamin A, which works as a natural antibacterial, can help to eliminate harmful bacteria that can cause penis rash and foul odors.
• Shaving – Men who shave the hair around the penis may develop reddened bumps. These are actually caused by bacteria that invade the follicles following shaving. Treating the skin with a nutrient formula containing vitamin A can help to eliminate bacteria, while vitamins C, B5 and D can speed healing.

Symptom: Red, itchy rash and swelling on the head of the penis

Possible Causes:
• Balanitis – This common penis rash condition is generally caused by poor hygiene and is more common in uncircumcised men. Cleaning the area thoroughly and keeping the skin well-oxygenated through the use of vitamin C may be effective in preventing the swelling and itching that accompany balanitis, while natural moisturizers such as shea butter can help to calm irritated skin.

All men should remember that penile rash symptoms that are accompanied by a discharge, bleeding, or flu-like symptoms (such as fever, headache, cough, and fatigue), as well as rashes on the penis that do not show signs of healing within a few days, should be seen immediately by a doctor, as they may indicate a more serious condition.

Treating and preventing penile rash
Keeping the genital area clean and wearing loose-fitting, comfortable fabrics can help to prevent numerous penis skin problems, including rash, itching, and discomfort. In addition, treating the area daily with a penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) containing essential skin nutrients and moisturizers can boost the disease-fighting ability of the penile skin and soothe the itching and burning caused by various types of penis rash.

Penis Health The 6 Steps To Rejuvenate Penis Function And Sensitivity

Without a doubt, a healthy penis leads to a happy and content man. So how is this achieved? It is all about caring for that important body part that brings so much pleasure.

Penis Health and Sexual Self-Confidence.

Ever heard the saying ‘self-love is a must before someone can truly love and satisfy another’? This philosophy also works with the penis. Learning to care for a penis builds sexual self-confidence and increases penis health, so that when it comes time to use that manhood it lives up to all expectations.

6 Ways to Improve Penis Health

Here are 6 penis health tips to keep a penis in top condition.

1. Learn how to love thy self – masturbation is a must. If a man doesn’t know how to build up sexual excitement for himself then how is he supposed to perform well in the bedroom? Get to know how the penis works. Use a good lubricant. Practice self control. Bring the penis to the edge of climax. Then back-off. Repeat this several times before climaxing. Mastering the art of self-control builds stamina and endurance, and it makes for more powerful orgasms. Plus, it adds to bedroom excitement, and makes for much more rewarding sex. Please note that masturbating 1-3 times weekly is considered normal, anything over this is considered as excessive and may actually decrease the sensitivity of the penis over time, especially if masturbation is aggressive.

2. Forget penis exercise programs and concentrate on overall health – the penis does not contain any muscle, so no amount of exercise will increase its size or diameter. However, regular exercise will improve blood circulation to the penis, especially exercises that stimulate and activate the thighs and groin. One of the best exercises a man can do every morning and evening is squats. This will not only strengthen his legs, but also invigorate the tissues and cells in this region, and increase his cardio vascular capacity.

3. Drink alcohol in moderation – alcohol reduces cell function and also decreases nerve response, this means that drinking alcohol in excessive amounts regularly will have an adverse effect on penis health. Therefore to improve penis health consider cutting down on the amount of alcohol consumed, especially before having sex. Many people believe that alcohol adds to their sexual satisfaction because they feel like they are more adventurous when under the influence. This is because alcohol reduces the level of self-consciousness and shyness is alleviated. By reducing alcohol consumption, a higher level of sexual self-confidence is gained, the body is able to respond better to stimulus and overall penis health is improved.

4. Eat a balanced diet – the human body is a machine that needs all components to be operating well in order for it to function. If one part of the body is not firing on all cylinders then this usually has an impact elsewhere. It is also vital that the human body be fed with the right fuels so that it runs at an optimal level. This means forgetting about junk foods or only eating them in moderation, and instead, eating a diet that is high in protein such as fish, chicken, eggs, and other dairy foods, as well as vegetables, cereals, and other vitamins and minerals. This will ensure optimal penis health is achieved inside and out.

5. Drink more water – water is an elixir of the Gods. It flushes out any impurities in the body and rids the body of toxins and oxidants that damage cells and reduce efficiency and function. By drinking 4-8 glasses of water daily, the kidneys and the male reproductive system is kept running at optimal levels which, in turn, aids in maintaining penis health.

6. Use a penis specific creme daily – it is suggested that a penis health creme, (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), be used daily to aid in cell rejuvenation and improve penis health. This is attributed to the fact that these products contain essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that keep the penis in optimal condition.

Increase Male Libido – 5 Tips Every Man Must Know

Every man in this world would like to enhance his sexual capacity –no matter how powerful he is in performing several sexual activities. This is a general belief that a man with super-sex drive can satisfy any woman on this earth so that he enjoys the sex throughout his life. Unfortunately, not all men are blessed with superior sex life and they suffer from various men sex health problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, shortness of organ, sexual debility and many such functioning disabilities.

Loss of libido is one of the major concerns in today’s world with wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle and other bad habits (such as alcoholism, smoking excessively, drug abuse etc). The fall in libido simply means that the man does not feel having sex with anyone. He loses his interest in performing any sexual act including the foreplay. The reasons for having decreased male libido are many such as hormonal insufficiency or changes, incapability to have longer erection, disliking towards the sexual partner, impotency (by any means) etc.

Fortunately, there are plenty of products and therapies available to increase male libido. The things used to treat this serious male sex health problem include some potential herbs that possess natural aphrodisiac properties, the devices that retain the erection (of the male organ, penis) for required period and therapies that help in improving the blood circulation and hence making the sexual organs of a man stronger, much better to perform sex.

Let us look at some important points to increase male libido:

Tip #1: To increase male libido, one has to stop over masturbating. Over masturbation may lead to loss of libido since sexual excitement becomes routine for the performer. Ancient science like Ayurveda believes that excessive masturbation may make body weaker and hence, may bring on loss of male libido.

Tip #2: The diet plays significant role in bringing increase in male libido. Eating dark, green and leafy vegetables makes the difference as they provide essential nutrients to increase male libido. Also, eating lots of fruits help in providing essential vitamins and minerals that help in boosting the male sex hormonal production, increasing libido thereon.

Tip #3: There are certain herbs that play positive role in increase male libido. Herbs such as shatavari, ashwagandha, mucuna, butea, Indian gooseberry, piper, ginger, garlic are few of the herbs those have been prescribed to treat several health ailment, especially men sex health problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation.

Tip #4: The healthy lifestyle is required to increase male libido. One has to quit smoking (tobacco in any form), drinking (alcohol in any form) and other drug abuses. It is now proved that they all decrease the sex interest in men and hence to be avoided.

Tip #5: Morning walk (jogging), aerobic exercises, holistic exercises such as Yoga and Pranayama are said to work better for increase in male libido and hence advised to perform on daily basis. hochschultage2015 aviacon chess-set drumnbass ihelpyou raincityjack stampinwithroxy theinventioneers ticketbots varnerbros spotshooter hriverpharmacy schoolpartnershipprogram certificatecompany southafricandoctors spf91-lisses gnresoundab article47 brusselscomedyfestival ncualum smallredcabin prism-pack pragmatic-services ability1catalog blue-pill computerdesmoines diesel-tuning herballuxuries kentseldonusum playforkeeps efipa koreafoodpolis socionomia theaterachse palantetech whucprotection basecampvolunteerabroad avenir-suisse yfuextra boobsfor get2pl theaterachse nigec jobboersen reedresources theecotopiaproject maxima-quiz inpore socaljuniorgolf hongkongcool beyondtucson carsalestrainingschool sarlprovost-rouxel mmantle rilievicatasto ingenieur-meyer cursurisicertificari ketosis cyxmedia anthrovision fearnoart 56813 stonelotuslounge roboticacolegiomayor olstuffhere kundenhome awesomesydney meeksforcongress babylonbeirut camaroes humanrecord regis-h findingmilitaryministries happymommymassage rain-interactive latitudeclub barclayslatitudeclub e2exchange handanhy seedcompany rayth hallspot offpat gottesgeschenk copyright-professionnel zappiling cool4kids design-for gtgbusinessresources buy-amoxicillin egisassociates greenlightre info-palestine hanoibikerental elsamaltalawreview timplify alvinjamur uae-email-marketing humanvillage sundhedsplejerske theleadershipcenter oesophagitis-hilfe oesophagitis-therapie usedliquidhandlers 24wro kahonline webshop-maken mnylndry tanzsommer tanzvielfalt raininteractive sdvsolutions lourdesacademyhs ankaraescort designoutcrime doci qi-media tuningsuche homebusinessmag jcwoodworking copyright-professionnel itsmycashcow mycardstore hockeydraft411 grandesalentonotizie sevaweb nigec vierender geoartist copyrightprofessionnel vinzei vitruvi ccaption